How to Create An Account on Hotmail?

Hotmail is of the first webmail services, founded in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. It started an era which formed the building block of email services and is often credited as the source of inspiration for other email services as well.

Since its inception is the early age, Hotmail has evolved at an incremental rate, amassing millions of users and improving upon dozens of features that have both been extremely useful and beautifully integrated. Hotmail, once the king of email services, was rebranded to “Outlook” a few years back. In this article, we will go through the features of Outlook / Hotmail as well as the process that you need to follow to create an account on, which is still possible even after the rebranding.

Let us look at all the features that this mailing service provides to its users: Features


The calendar is an integral part of your Hotmail account.

Since it uses Ajax, so it enables the user to drag and drop calendar entries from one date to the other without reloading the page, making the user experience very smooth. These entries can also be viewed from anywhere after logging in with your email id and password of your said account. On top of that, it gives the users the ability to create a to-do list so that they can keep track of their important tasks and mark them as completed.


People feature, in Hotmail / Outlook, allows users access to their contacts, the related information and other such details on the go. “People” provides further integration with Facebook, Twitter, etc.

One interesting and useful feature to note is that duplicate contacts can be easily removed when imported with Profile. In the settings, a user is also able to show/hide certain details of a particular contact.

Skype Integration

For those people who don’t like switching between different applications to get their tasks fulfilled, the Skype integration feature will prove quite handy. It will allow them to make a video call via Skype, without using the Skype desktop client.


An alias is a new email address that you add to your account. Up to 5 aliases per year can be added to your account but not more than 15 overall. Do note that you can use any of these aliases to send emails to and receive emails from. These said aliases will share the same account settings and will use the same inbox, contact list, etc.


Outlook / Hotmail provides users with the ability to delete or move a large number of emails, taking into account the sender’s information, into certainly specified folders. Thus, this action or “Sweep” can be performed by configuring the sweep settings for any future emails from that sender. And as expected, a user gets an option to delete messages that are older than a certain number of days.

Quick view and One-Click filter

This allows filtering of messages based on flagged messages, photo attachments, document attachments, etc.

Microsoft Office Online Integration

Probably the most critical set of features are provided by the suite of Microsoft Office applications that are very well integrated with / by allowing documents to be viewed and edited across services such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc. Users can simply open the attached documents online and use Microsoft OneDrive to save that document for later use. Up to 25 GB of Office documents can be sent by a user by uploading these to his / her OneDrive and then sharing them.


Last, but not the least, is the security and privacy promised by Microsoft to its users by all possible means. All the emails are secure and not a single mail is scanned for any sort of advertising purpose. A single-use code is also provided upon a user’s request which helps against compromising a user’s account information, especially on a public computer.

As you can see, a lot of useful features have been provided, all while maintaining users’ privacy and information. So, I think it is time for you to dive into the details involved in the creation of your very own Hotmail account!

Create an Account on Hotmail [Step By Step]

Creating a Hotmail is very easy and to do so, you can simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First and foremost, go to the following link:  or


  1. Next, click on Create free account. You will be greeted with the following webpage:


  1. As you can see, by default you will get the domain. So, before progressing any further, click on the downward arrow and then select the domain. Now you need to create your desired email id. Enter your preferred name in the text box and then click on Next.


  1. For the next step, you will be asked to enter a password for your account. This password will be used to sign in to your account after you have created it. Enter your desired password and if you want to receive promotional emails from Microsoft, then you may tick the checkbox beside it. Then click Next.


  1. Enter your First name and Last name in the respective text fields and click the Next button.


  1. For further details, you will be asked to enter information regarding your country/region and your date of birth. Enter the information and then click on Next.


  1. Since Microsoft takes security seriously, the next screen will be of Captcha, to prove that a real human is accessing the data and not a bot. Also if you are uncomfortable with the visibility of the captcha, you may request a new one or an audio instead of the said captcha to identity that you are indeed a human.


  1. You will be greeted by the welcome screen as an indication that you are almost done with your account creation.


  1. Enter the language and your time zone on the next screen and then click on the right arrow.


  1. As part of Outlook / Hotmail’s customization, Microsoft provides its users a selectable them as their background. Select your desired theme and then click on the right arrow.


  1. You are also provided with the “Signature” feature. At the end of your messages, you can automatically add a custom signature and the next screen is for you to choose one of their templates or create your own. After you are done, click on the right-pointing arrow.


  1. You’re done! Just click on the Let’s go button and you will be greeted with the main screen.


That’s it! You have successfully created your Hotmail account!


Configuring your Hotmail account

There are many customization options available in the settings. To go to the settings, click on the settings cog in the top right pane. You will see options such as:

  • Dark mode: To ease the amount of screen light on your eyes at night, you can enable the dark mode.
  • Conversation view: It is used to sort the messages with either the newest messages being at the top or them being at the bottom.
  • Reading pane: The window that is used to show your messages can be customized to be on the right or at the bottom. If you want, you may also hide it instead of clipping it on one side.

There are a host of other options available in the quick settings like Focused Inbox, Sender Image, Group messages by date, Attachment preview & Message preview text. You can also easily configure your account on iPhone & android devices.

Account Security

Adding an extra layer of security to your Hotmail account can prove to be vital in case someone tries to access your account using unfair means. To do so:

  1. Click on your profile picture at the top right of the window and then click on Edit profile.
  2. On the next screen, click on Privacy option from the list at the top.
  3. After entering your password on the next screen, you will see the option of adding security info to your account in the form of a phone number or an alternate email account.


  1. In case you select the “A Phone number” option, you will be able to verify via code that will be received through either a text or a call. If you select “An alternate email address”, then you will receive the security code on that address. You can easily avoid spam messages too.
  2. After you select either of the options of receiving the code, in the next step, you will have to enter the received code in the text box.


The dialog box for the code via alternate email


A dialog box for the code via phone number

  1. On the next screen, you simply have to verify your identity and finally click on Verify.

In this way, you added an extra protection on your account. Now your account is even more secure!

You can view more options like Payment & Billing, Devices, Subscriptions, Family, etc. by clicking on your profile picture at the top right of the window and then clicking on View account. You can also unblock senders in hotmail.

With an updated look and feel, a vast number of features to boast about and several added security options, Microsoft Outlook (or in your case, Microsoft Hotmail) is the definitive version out of many others. With the simple steps to create and customize your account, you are now free to explore this service and I hope that you were able to join the Outlook / Hotmail family without any trouble. For any question or suggestion, there is always our comments section down below for our users to share their information.

How Hotmail Changed Microsoft(Email) Forever?

December 29, 1997, shall be remembered as the revolutionary date in the history of modern emails. On this day, the CEO of the tech-giant, Bill Gates sealed a deal of $400 million to buy up the only free email service back then, known as Hotmail. From this day till present, the web-based email service has seen a glorious development.

Now, let’s look back into ex-Apple the origin of the world’s first web-based email service.

You might have guessed the situation of people without a free email service. Imagine the hefty expenses they had to bear to send a message over the internet!

On the day of July 4, two ex-Apple employees, Jack Smith, and Sabeer Bhatia launched the first ever web-based email service, Hotmail. This symbolized “freedom” from ISP-based email and the opportunity for a user to access one’s inbox from anywhere in this world. The name was originally ‘HoTMaiL’ to emphasize the markup language used to create web pages, HTML. Initially, the free storage limit was only 2 MB! Microsoft had Hotmail integrated into its online service, MSN. Too many security issues, hefty sums paid for modifications and even changes in the brand name were done!

Even in its initial days, Hotmail registered over 8.5 million users. As years passed, the number rose exponentially! Basically, Hotmail was the stepping stone that laid the foundation to the era of free email services for the mass. Marco DeMello, currently the CEO of PSafe Technology, was then in charge of managing the integration of Hotmail with the online service of Microsoft, MSN. He was basically hired to creating a free web-based email service that could be easily accessed and utilized by everyone around the world!

The Beginning:

Considering the scenario way back in 1996, Web was still under development mode! If there were any personal Internet access, they were limited to dial services mainly such as AOL, MSN, etc. Only the rich had early access to ISDN connections for high-speed internet. But, there were competitors to Hotmail, who offered web-based email offerings based on ISP, namely Lotus and RocketMail (now Yahoo! Mail ). All these free email service providers were backed by advertising companies. By the end of the year 1997, Hotmail was successful in attraction over 8.5 million active users!

DeMello was the person of the executive body of Microsoft to recommend Bill Gates to buy an existing email service rather than building on its own, given the limited time within which they had to conquer the email world. DeMello recalls Bill signing off a check of $450 million at the end of the meeting and allotting him the responsibility of bringing Hotmail to the service of Microsoft.

Developing Hotmail:

The task wasn’t easy and alluring! The task needed an integration of Unix on the front-end along with Sun Solaris on the back-end on to the Windows servers. At that time, Windows servers weren’t fully developed for this kind of task. DeMello remembers the stuff that needed monitoring ranging from security to memory management and at any point, they weren’t confident enough to migrate the code to Windows. Another trouble was Sun CEO Scott McNealy trolling Microsoft’s server operating system!

The decision to develop on Windows 2000 server took almost 3 years of time! DeMello teamed up with Dave Cutler (Windows NT architect Dave) to work initially upon the scalability piece, that comprised of the networking and TCP stack and memory management, Internet Information Server, and also the execution process of accessing local folders. Gradually, the work got smooth and accomplish able!

As per the agreement, the Hotmail team continued helping the Microsoft server-development team until the complete development of IIS, Windows’ Web and Internet services. The bet was if they could pass the Hotmail test successfully. This situation of Hotmail taught Microsoft that it’s always better to build your own stuff in order to avoid such future troubles!

Even after they could successfully migrate to Windows Web servers, the back end database servers and storage of Hotmail couldn’t be migrated to Windows Server and SQL server respectively until the year 2004. The migration process slowed down as there was a limit on the speed at which accounts could be moved across data centers.

The first new version of Hotmail was released weeks within the acquisition and the next ‘98 Hotmail needed some moderation due to some trouble in protocols. The reason for this trouble was that Hotmail was based on the default exchange interface protocol named MAPI which used to be the heaviest TCP/IP protocol. To avoid issues, they had to migrate straight to WebDAV.

Experience Matters!

Needless to say, you all know the value experience holds! As for the case of Microsoft, it took almost 3 years to migrate from Solaris to Windows but the process wasn’t completely hassle-free. Serving so many active users (in millions) meant developing data servers that could handle such high amounts of storage and user commands! And the era was 1990s when you needed to pay a hefty sum for a few GB of memory. So, the cost of hard drives added quite much to the infrastructure cost.

All the trouble didn’t just end here! The biggest security break occurred to Windows in 1999. Over 50 million Hotmail accounts were under the grave threat of hack where any Hotmail account could easily be accessed just by entering the password: ‘eh’ ! Imagine the heat of the situation! Hackers claimed to have access to accounts via the bug for nearly two months! It was believed to be some backdoor left by Hotmail developers.

After this case, Hotmail confronted its users and made them believe they ensure security and privacy first of all. After the security breach of 1999, Microsoft tried its best to protect its user account credentials and enforced strict password policies. Additionally, they instructed its users to protect their passwords and not to share confidential and security info over the email. Hotmail implemented Secure HTTP (HTTPS) along with SSL encryption in order to protect its users’ data and set the algorithm of password setting to complex. The CPUs running the servers were also upgraded.


Now every new idea tends to face stiff competition. Hotmail faced competition from Gmail and Yahoo together. To stand the competition, Hotmail introduced some new but weird ideas which didn’t go well with its users. In 2005, Microsoft renamed Hotmail as renamed Windows Live Mail. But, this left users more at a confusion rather than a surface causing Microsoft to revert back to originality. The front-end systems for Hotmail were rewritten in C# and ASP.NET code, making Hotmail more of a Microsoft product inclined towards the Office 365 platform.


Now that Hotmail is officially done with, and we have the better and updated version of it,; the entire webmail service has become quite a lot easier. Do you have an account? Hope you liked the article! Feel free to comment your views below!

How To Unblock Senders in Hotmail?

At times, you might be offended of too many irritating emails from a particular email address and end up blocking the address! Among all other interesting features provided by Windows Hotmail, adding and deleting email addresses is one of the most important features!

Once you block an email address or an entire domain on Hotmail, all the emails from the address are automatically added to your junk/spam folder!

Not necessarily but you might have unknowingly added an email address to your block list! For example, you might have accidentally used the Hotmail Sweep tool on an important mail and ended up blocking the address. So now you want to remove the particular address or domain from your blocklist.

Whatever be the reason, unblocking a sender is very simple to do! You can easily change your blocklist to continue receiving emails from a particular address.

NOTE: The upper limit of your Hotmail blocklist is up to 1,024 addresses or domains. There is a solution to this too! Generally, it happens that multiple email addresses from a common domain are spamming your inbox. In this situation, you should be blocking entire domains rather than individual email addresses in order to block more.


  • As mentioned earlier, you can easily unblock your blocked senders on Here you must note that once you unblock a particular email address or domain, the emails received from the address shall go directly into your inbox folder. So be sure of whom you are unblocking! Now to unblock any sender from your blocklist on Hotmail/Outlook, you just need to follow these few simple steps:

Select your Version:

The set of instructions you need to follow may vary depending upon whether you are logged in to the older or the newer version of Outlook/ Hotmail. Depending on the choice of your Outlook/ Hotmail version, proceed to the next step of instructions. Choose your version as shown below:

1) 2)

Unblocking senders:

Hotmail Version 1:

If you are currently running on the version 1 of Outlook/ Hotmail as described above, you need to follow these few simple sets of instructions to remove someone from your blocklist:

On your home page of Outlook/ Hotmail, select the gear icon of Settings > View all Outlook settings.

Next, select Mail > Junk email.

Once done, click on to the address or domain you want to unblock and click on Remove.

Hotmail Version 2:

For the version 2 of Outlook/ Hotmail, you need to follow these set of instructions to remove someone from your blocklist:

Firstly, click on the Gear icon on the homepage of your Outlook/ Hotmail and then go to Settings > Options.

Find the Junk email option which should be somewhere on to the left of your screen and Select on it > Blocked Senders.

Now, click on the domain/ email address to be unblocked, and then select the Delete option.

How to stop your messages from going into the Junk folder?

  • At times, Hotmail filters might pre-define messages received from an address or domain to be moved to your Junk folder automatically. Well, there is a solution to this too! If you add up these email addresses to your safe senders’ list, they won’t be redirected to your junk folder! Now, how to do this? The set of instructions vary according to your current running version of Outlook/ Hotmail.

For Hotmail Version 1:

    1. Select Settings> View all Outlook settings.
    2. Select Mail > Junk email.
      1. Under the section Safe senders, enter your domain/ email address you wish to add to the list and select Add.
      2. Finally, click on Save.
  • Tips:
  • In order to edit, add or remove email addresses and domains from your blocked senders and safe senders’ lists; simply select on the item in the list and then select Edit or Remove.
  • So as to clean up your Junk Email folder, click on Junk Email in the left pane. You should see a Delete all option on the top of the screen. Click on it.

For Hotmail Version 2:

    1. Go to Settings > Options.
    2. On the left screen, select Junk email > Safe Senders.
    3. Now, you should enter the domain/ email address you wish to add to the list and select The Add icon.
      1. Finally, select the Save option.


  • In order to edit, add or remove email addresses and domains from your safe senders’ lists and your blocked senders’ lists simply select on the item in the list and then select Edit or Remove.
  • In order to clear all your Junk Email folder, select Junk Email in the left pane. You should see a Delete all option on the topmost section of the screen. Click on it.


So, just by following this guide step by step, you can easily unblock senders from your Hotmail/ Outlook account. Hope this article helped you unblock the important email addresses you might have blacklisted unknowingly or for a short duration of time. If you are facing a different issue that isn’t listed above, feel free to discuss your issue in the comments section below.

How to Block Junk Mails On Hotmail?

If you are using a free email service, you probably are well acquainted with the frequent junk emails and spams that creep into your inbox. You know well how irritating these emails can get at times! Now, this fault generally arises because you haven’t yet configured your junk-mail filter settings, which is not at all a tough task! You just need to follow a simple process that shall save you the time of sparing hours just to delete a large number of junk mails on a regular basis. So, let’s begin.

Choose your version of Hotmail:

Depending on the version of Hotmail you are currently running on, the set of instructions vary slightly. Choose the right version of your Hotmail and follow the steps accordingly!



Report junk email:

Outlook/ Hotmail has its own predefined functions to understand the kind of messages to be considered as junk. Once you move any message to your junk folder, Hotmail understands that the kind is to be treated as junk in future! In case you are receiving spam emails or phishing scam, report it at once.

  1. Check the email you wish to mark as spam or a phishing scam and select the ‘Junk’ on the command bar.

  1. To mark any message as a phishing scam, go to your Junk Email folder, select that message, and then select Not junk > Phishing.


Report junk email:

Outlook/ Hotmail has its own predefined functions to understand the kind of messages to be considered as junk. Once you move any message to your junk folder, Hotmail understands that the kind is to be treated as junk in the future! In case you are receiving spam emails or phishing scam, report it at once.

  1. In the inbox folder, check the box next to the message you consider as junk.
  2. On the command bar, click on the arrow next to Junk.

  1. Finally, select any one of the following:
    1. Junk: This option is used for same emails received daily.
    2. Phishing scam: Prefer using this option when any email is trying to collect your confidential data or personal information such as your bank account details, or any other Security number. You can find more about Phishing emails online.
    3. My friend’s been hacked: When any of your safe/ trusted senders start sending you junk emails, you can use this option to stay safe!

NOTE: Any proper and legal business such as Microsoft won’t ever send you solicited email messages requesting you to disclose any personal or financial information. If at any time you feel suspicious about any message, DO NOT ever open the link in the mail or call the number in it!

Junk email filters and other reporting options:

You can now choose to set the level of authority given to Hotmail to automatically find and block any spam messages. You can also decide whether to allow Microsoft to share your junk email reports with companies fighting spam and phishing especially.

Other ways to fight SPAM:

  • Share your email id only to whom you know well: Refrain from sharing or posting your email address over social media sites, or anywhere over the internet or even in job-posting websites. If it’s important to share on some website, make sure to disguise it!
  • Ignore junk email or instant messages:
    Spammers earn by selling products via their messages containing the links. So, DO NOT ever reply to spam messages (even to unsubscribe), buy items from uncommon websites, or make any transfers via the links received. Beware of fraudulent emails imposing as Microsoft requesting you for your password. They simply try to fool you. So, BEWARE!

    • To empty your Junk Email folder:
      • In the navigation pane, select Junk Email.
      • Next, click on ‘Empty Folder’ option.

  • Add important contacts to your safe senders’ list: You can prefer adding important emails to the safe senders’ list so that you don’t miss important messages because sometimes, Hotmail might send some emails to the junk folder by mistake!
  • Choose your junk email filter:
    If Hotmail identifies any message as junk, it might automatically redirect it to your Junk folder. Hotmail provides you with two levels of filtering:

    • Standard: This is the most typical filter. Any message recognized under this category is automatically sent to your Junk Email folder.
    • Exclusive: This Exclusive has very strict limits on the messages to be marked spam. This filter only trusts new messages from new contacts on your Safe Senders’ list. It also alerts you on your subscriptions.

To set the level of your junk filtering, select Settings > Options > Mail > Junk email > Filters and reporting.

  • Look for spam shopping offers: When shopping online, some sites ask you to check for future subscriptions. Avoid them as much as possible. Subscribe to email newsletters which you are willing to.
  • Read the complete privacy policy: Whenever you sign up for web services such as banking, shopping, etc.; read every policy related to it carefully.
  • Disguise your email address: When you are posting on public sites, try to disguise your email address. For example, rahul27 AT outlook DOT com.


So, here we conclude the guide on ‘How to Block Junk Mails on Hotmail’ hoping that the instructions helped you build a spam-free inbox. If you are facing any other issue, feel free to post your query in the comment box below.

How To Configure Hotmail on ios and Android?

Often situations arise where you have to configure Hotmail on your Android device. If you are stuck in such a situation, then the steps are as follows:

1. Enable the POP in Hotmail.


In order to do this, you need to further perform the following operations.

a. You need to first log in to your Hotmail account. This can be done by entering the Hotmail id and password.

b. At the top of the page of your Hotmail, the ‘Configure’ button will be available. Click on that to find an option called ‘More Mail Settings.’

c. Select the option that says ‘Connect devices and apps with POP’.

d. Next choose the option that says ‘Enable POP’, thereby enabling POP.

The following pieces of information are also required to set up Hotmail from Android device.

In order to open the default email application, one needs to follow the given steps.

1. First, you must insert your email address and password. In case, the mentioned account is not the first email account that you have created, select the ‘Add Account’ option.

Next, select manual settings./ manual setup.


2. In the options of account type, select POP3 Account.


3. Next, insert the data as follows in ‘ incoming server settings’ :


a. provide your mail address and password of the mail address. Example:

b. provide your username as desired.

c. The pop3 server is selected as ‘’

d. The security type is selected as SSL (Accept all certificates)

e. Port is selected as 9955

f. Delete email from server – ‘Never’ option is chosen.

4. Next, insert the data as follows in ‘outgoing server settings’:


a. STMP server is ‘’

b. Security type is TLS(Accept all certificates)

c. Port is selected as ‘587’

d. Tick on the checkbox that says ‘Require sign in’

e. Enter username and password.

5. Select the following in ‘Account options’

android en05 .png

a. Sync schedules(Synchronises schedules ): Every 15 minutes

b. Peak Schedule: Every 15 minutes

c. Select the checkbox that says ‘sync email’. This synchronizes the emails with the Android device.

d. Also, select ‘Notify me when email arrives’ in order to get email notification on your Android device whenever an email arrives.

e. Click on next

6. On the ‘Set up email’ window enter data as follows

android hotmail settings en06 .png

a. Type the Hotmail id on the blank space under ‘Give this account a name (optional)’.

b. Enter your name under ‘Your name (Displayed on outgoing messages)’.

In this way, you can configure Hotmail on Android device.

The following steps are needed in order to set up Hotmail on ios.

1.In your IOS, first, go to Settings. From there select Accounts and Passwords and Select Add Account.

2. Next, select the option of outlook account, that is,


3. In the login page that will immediately appear on the screen, enter your email id of Hotmail (say and enter the password of Hotmail account.


4. Enter sign in, in order to sign in to the Hotmail account.

5. A screen will appear again asking whether you want to let ios access your information.


It will further ask you that ios needs permission to :

a. Sync your mail, contacts, calendar, task and said mail

b. Access your info anytime

c. Sign in you

d. View your basic profile

Click on yes to avail these.

6. You can choose to sync your calendar, contacts, reminders, mail with your Hotmail or any one or more of these. After choosing your desired options, tap Save.


7. Your Hotmail account should be available in the Mail application of your ios once steps 1 to 6 is followed.

8. You must remember that your Hotmail account will be synced to your ios for a week by default. However, you can change this to 1 day to one month by performing the following steps:


i. Go to settings.

ii. Choose ‘Account and Password’

iii. Go to the option ‘Outlook’

iv. From the option ‘Mail days to sync’ select the number of days, you want to sync your mail with your ios device.

Thus you can see that configuring Hotmail in both Android and ios is pretty easy given you follow the order of steps properly. So what are you waiting for? Synchronise your Hotmail account to get instant mail notification and use Hotmail more effectively on ios and Android.