How To Configure Hotmail on ios and Android?

Often situations arise where you have to configure Hotmail on your Android device. If you are stuck in such a situation, then the steps are as follows:

1. Enable the POP in Hotmail.


In order to do this, you need to further perform the following operations.

a. You need to first log in to your Hotmail account. This can be done by entering the Hotmail id and password.

b. At the top of the page of your Hotmail, the ‘Configure’ button will be available. Click on that to find an option called ‘More Mail Settings.’

c. Select the option that says ‘Connect devices and apps with POP’.

d. Next choose the option that says ‘Enable POP’, thereby enabling POP.

The following pieces of information are also required to set up Hotmail from Android device.

In order to open the default email application, one needs to follow the given steps.

1. First, you must insert your email address and password. In case, the mentioned account is not the first email account that you have created, select the ‘Add Account’ option.

Next, select manual settings./ manual setup.


2. In the options of account type, select POP3 Account.


3. Next, insert the data as follows in ‘ incoming server settings’ :


a. provide your mail address and password of the mail address. Example:

b. provide your username as desired.

c. The pop3 server is selected as ‘’

d. The security type is selected as SSL (Accept all certificates)

e. Port is selected as 9955

f. Delete email from server – ‘Never’ option is chosen.

4. Next, insert the data as follows in ‘outgoing server settings’:


a. STMP server is ‘’

b. Security type is TLS(Accept all certificates)

c. Port is selected as ‘587’

d. Tick on the checkbox that says ‘Require sign in’

e. Enter username and password.

5. Select the following in ‘Account options’

android en05 .png

a. Sync schedules(Synchronises schedules ): Every 15 minutes

b. Peak Schedule: Every 15 minutes

c. Select the checkbox that says ‘sync email’. This synchronizes the emails with the Android device.

d. Also, select ‘Notify me when email arrives’ in order to get email notification on your Android device whenever an email arrives.

e. Click on next

6. On the ‘Set up email’ window enter data as follows

android hotmail settings en06 .png

a. Type the Hotmail id on the blank space under ‘Give this account a name (optional)’.

b. Enter your name under ‘Your name (Displayed on outgoing messages)’.

In this way, you can configure Hotmail on Android device.

The following steps are needed in order to set up Hotmail on ios.

1.In your IOS, first, go to Settings. From there select Accounts and Passwords and Select Add Account.

2. Next, select the option of outlook account, that is,


3. In the login page that will immediately appear on the screen, enter your email id of Hotmail (say and enter the password of Hotmail account.


4. Enter sign in, in order to sign in to the Hotmail account.

5. A screen will appear again asking whether you want to let ios access your information.


It will further ask you that ios needs permission to :

a. Sync your mail, contacts, calendar, task and said mail

b. Access your info anytime

c. Sign in you

d. View your basic profile

Click on yes to avail these.

6. You can choose to sync your calendar, contacts, reminders, mail with your Hotmail or any one or more of these. After choosing your desired options, tap Save.


7. Your Hotmail account should be available in the Mail application of your ios once steps 1 to 6 is followed.

8. You must remember that your Hotmail account will be synced to your ios for a week by default. However, you can change this to 1 day to one month by performing the following steps:


i. Go to settings.

ii. Choose ‘Account and Password’

iii. Go to the option ‘Outlook’

iv. From the option ‘Mail days to sync’ select the number of days, you want to sync your mail with your ios device.

Thus you can see that configuring Hotmail in both Android and ios is pretty easy given you follow the order of steps properly. So what are you waiting for? Synchronise your Hotmail account to get instant mail notification and use Hotmail more effectively on ios and Android.

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